My name’s Irene, and I’m a biology PhD student at CUNY currently researching viral evolution and ecology with a main focus on Rotavirus A genome evolution, as well as host-range expansion in cystoviruses and henipaviruses. I got my B.S. at University of Maryland where I majored in biology with a minor in geology, and got to study sexual selection in bowerbirds. My paintings up are usually of organisms I’m interested in, and my posts are my attempts at sharing things I found particularly amazing and underappreciated when studying evolution.

I currently live in Manhattan with my two cats, Minnie and O’Malley, who are both currently researching NYC dove and squirrel behavior using a sophisticated two-way mirror window bird feeder.

O’Malley’s protégé and budding young researcher, Minerva, studying her first doves
2016-10-24 09.30.58.jpg
O’Malley, a longtime bird enthusiast, observing dove behaviors